Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

october :)

First day in October. Wish this month will be better than before..

by the way, today my best friend in JHS is celebrating birthday. Her name is Yusrani Kautsari Maryam. Happy Birthday neeee’ wish all the best for you. Miss you so much!
Long time no see her, now she is studying at Institut Tekhnologi Bandung waaaw I’m so envy to her.

And today my ex is birthday too ouch :$
His name is Haryo Sakti, and I’ll give you to see a picture. Look at the picture you see the cake right? It Looks yummy? You want it? Ooo you can’t :p because that cake was made last year when he had birthday and when we was together. I don’t know why I write this to my blog. I don’t have any idea to write maybe or…..I miss him? Aaaa only me and God knows :DD

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